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We offer comprehensive research and development services for your company with an overview of the supply and demand of products to innovate, to the needs of your business and your customers. Kaparazoom is a multidisciplinary team covering the different processes of  R&D; engineers, lawyers, marketing professionals… We are a team with experience in industrial protection of our own developments and third, this marks a clear difference.

We protect your time and products

For guarantee the safety of a new product, it is necessary to take legal advice before, during and after any investment in innovation. In Kaparazoom we do this surveillance for you, checking if the product is already patented, if it meets the legal requirements in its category and, if necessary, we register the patent for you.

Kaparazoom’s modern patents and trademarks boutique guarantee the exclusivity of your innovative product, providing adequate protection in target markets where the product is positioned.

In short, we accompany you throughout the entire production process, from idea generation until it becomes reality and is positioned in the national or international market, ensuring your interests and contributing to create a better future.